Cecil Kennedy arrested for manslaughter

TODAY Cecil Kennedy the man who was left alone with 21 month toddler Jordan Thompson when he died, was arrested on a charge of manslaughter, 16 years later.

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See images of the arrest below.

Detective Inspector Paul Quigg has worked on the case since day one and when speaking with A Current Affair said, “I’ve been there since day one since March 2005 it’s been a hard investigation, a long investigation and the team that worked on the investigation worked long hours, never gave up.”

“This has been a protracted and complex investigation over a period of 16 and a half years,” he said.

“My main focus and the focus of the entire team was to find some form of closure for the entire family,” said Inspector Quigg.

Bernice Swales, Jordan’s mother said she was thankful for the police not giving up on her son and hopes to finally get answers.

Bernice Swales with her son Jordan Thompson.

“I’m very grateful for all the work that’s been done for my son, to get justice for my son,” said Ms Swales.

“As a mother you never want to lay a child to rest and it’s just, it’s been a long time, it’s been long overdue,” she said.

“Hopefully now we’ll be able to get some answers as to actually what happened,” Bernice Swales said.

Cecil Kennedy initially claimed Jordan had drowned in the bath, in the 40 minutes in which his mother had left the apartment to go to the shops.

However, the coroner found Jordan died from poisoning. He was poisoned with an ingredient found in prescription anti-depressants, the same ingredient in the antidepressants used by Cecil Kennedy.

Cecil Kennedy is in custody and will appear in court tomorrow.

Pictures of Cecil Kennedy being arrested, courtesy of A Current Affair.

Cecil Kennedy has been arrested, 16 years after the death of baby Jordan.










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