Covid: Are you in the purple bubble?

WHEN the government introduced new legislation overnight, they also introduced a map with a 50 kilometre purple area outside of Greater Sydney, where workers from Sydney can travel without having a covid test and parts of the Singleton Shire, such as Broke and Bulga, are within the zone.

Mayor Sue Moore said it creates confusion and urges all residents to keep doing the right thing to protect themselves and the community.

“Well I looked at the map and half of my property is in the purple zone and the other half isn’t,” said Sue Moore.

“Singleton is clearly out, but then Broke, Bulga and Milbrodale areas are in and that’s a major concern for our vineyards,” she said.

“What’s essential?” questioned Mayor Moore.

“I mean if someone says they need to travel here to buy a carton of wine for work is that essential?

“What one person determines is essential, might not be for someone else, it’s created an even bigger minefield.

“Brad Hazzard (Minister for Health) is saying what essential workers are can be determined by employees and employers, it’s quite ridiculous,” Sue Moore said.

The government map draws a boundary through the Singleton Shire.

Are you in the purple zone?: Map for Greater Sydney workers.

At a media conference yesterday Dr Kerry Chant, chief medical officer, said workers in the regions should still behave as if they were in Sydney under restrictions, behave like they are living at home and only go out for groceries and essential items and not go to “pubs and clubs”.

Mayor Moore said it’s easier said than done.

“If someone travels to Broke for work, they aren’t going to bring packed food and they’ll have to go to the same store as everyone else for their lunch,” said Sue Moore.

Mayor Moore said most people in the community are doing the right thing and said it’s more important than ever to be safe.

“Make sure you are using hand-sanitiser, make sure people have their masks on before coming in,” she said.

“I know people are doing the right thing and we just have to keep stepping through it and hope we don’t have outbreaks in the regions,” Sue Moore said.

The new legislation also permits workers to enter private residences outside the Greater Sydney area, without a covid test, but not if their worksite is not a private residence.

Workers travelling outside the 50km zone of Greater Sydney do have to have a covid test within seven days before travelling outside of the zone and must be able to produce evidence.

Read the new legislation: Temporary movement and gathering restrictions.





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