Joyce protests against coal protests

DEPUTY Prime Minister, Barnaby Joyce was in Singleton today to protest the coal protests, which he claims has already cost $60million in revenue.

Mr Joyce pointed to a loaded coal train shunting through the Singleton train station to illustrate his points of what coal represents to the economy of Australia and workers in communities like the Hunter.

“What you’ve got here people want to buy overseas,” said Mr Joyce.

“This is an NDIS payment, it pays for pensions, defence, hospitals, roads,” he said.

“People don’t like a hole in the ground, but we don’t have a replacement,

“I see plenty of mining towns, but where is the renewable town?

“There are records amounts of coal sales and record prices

Mr Joyce said the coal protests had cost $60 million in exports and said even grain was being blocked from getting to the ports.

When questioned about British Prime Minister Boris Johnson criticising Australia’s stance on climate change, Mr Joyce shot back and said, “Is he going to stop things in the North Sea? Is he even going to whisper about shutting it down? No. But people are only too happy to shut down operations in another country, not in theirs.”




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