Former Singleton man arrested for toddler Thompson’s death

POLICE have arrested a 49 year old man formerly of Singleton, who has been residing in Doonside, in connection to the poisoning death of toddler Jordan Thompson.

See photos of the arrest: Cecil Kennedy arrested for manslaughter.

Jordan William Thompson was poisoned and passed away in 2005.

On March 19, 2005, 21-month-old Jordan Thompson died, after being left in the care of Cecil Kennedy for 40 minutes, while his mother Bernice Swales went shopping.

When Ms Swales returned, she found Mr Kennedy appearing to be doing CPR on Jordan. She grabbed her unconscious son and raced across the road to Singleton Hospital, but Jordan was pronounced dead a short time later.

Cecil Kennedy claimed he had left Jordan in the bath alone for a few minutes and returned to find he had drowned in the bath.

Jordan had been left in the care of Cecil Kennedy.

However, the coroner found Jordan’s death was caused by amitriptyline, an ingredient in antidepressants, the same type which were used by Mr Kennedy. The Crown alleged Mr Kennedy had given baby Jordan one tablet, which Mr Kennedy has always denied.

An inquest in 2008 was suspended when a person was referred to the Director of Public Prosecutions, but the no arrested was made. In 2015 the inquest resumed and police posted a $100,000 reward.


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