Travel won’t resume at 80 percent

THE state is set to reach 80 percent double vaccination on Sunday, but the government has delayed the easing of travel restrictions between the regions and Greater Sydney, with no date given for when the restrictions will now ease.

Initially the travel restrictions were going to lift at 70 percent, but was delayed until 80 percent, due to low vaccination rates in the regions.

Unfortunately the vaccination rates in some regional areas are still much lower than the state average and the government has made the decision to further delay the easing of travel restrictions until those vaccination rates rise.

Locally, some local government areas are more than 20 percent behind the state average, posing too high a risk for restrictions to ease.

Singleton, while currently ranked at 99th lowest second vaccination rates in the state, has made a significant jump to 42nd in the state for first vaccination rates.

Below are figures for local government areas, with state ranking and percentage for first and second doses:

  • Upper Hunter: =top 27 >95% / 34th at 76.7%;
  • Dungog: 45th at 92.7% / 84th at 66.1%;
  • Singleton: 42nd at 92.9% / 99th at 60.7%;
  • Cessnock: 84th at 89.1% / 106th at 58.4%;
  • Muswellbrook: 91st at 88.1% / 115th at 56.5%.



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