Working tyrelessly towards sustainability

May 8 free tyre drop-off day

SINGLETON Council are on the road to increased sustainability, with the first free tyre drop off day on Saturday, March 20.

Residents can drop off motorbike tyres, car tyres, four wheel drive or light truck tyres at the Singleton Waste Management Facility.

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The Waste Management Facility will recycle 82 percent of each tyre for road production, playground and sporting surfaces, civil infrastructure and engineering projects.

Justin Fitzpatrick-Barr, Council’s Director Infrastructure and Planning, said out of the 48 million used tyres Australians throw out each year, only 16 percent are recycled, with most ending up in landfill.

“Old tyres are such a valuable resource with a stack of valuable re-use, recycling and waste to energy options,” Mr Fitzpatrick-Barr said.

“We know that disposing of unwanted tyres can be expensive, so we recognised this free tyre drop off service would benefit the community in more ways than one,” he said.

“This not only directs waste from landfill but also reduces environmental harm caused by the illegal dumping of old gorges or stockpiling, which present a very serious fire danger,” said Mr Fitzpatrick-Barr.

Free tyre drop off

Where: Singleton Waste Management Facility, Dyrring Road Fern Gully;

When: Saturday March 20;

Time: 10am to 2pm;

Cost: Free.

Proof of address will be required and there is a limit of four tyres per customer.


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