Covid update: Vaccination plea and protestors warned

PREMIER Gladys Berejiklian will be asking National Cabinet to deliver the state’s vaccine share as soon as possible.

“Our biggest weapon against the virus is vaccination. Can I please encourage everybody to come forward and get vaccinated,” Ms Berejiklian said.

“New South Wales has administered just over 3.6 million jabs. We have a target of 10 million, we’re over a third of the way there,” she said.

“In National Cabinet today, I will not only be fighting for more vaccines, but also calling for New South Wales to be given its proportion sooner, as soon as we can,” she said.

“I don’t want any issue of holding back on vaccines for months, if the vaccines are in Australia, I want New South Wales to get it’s share,” said Ms Berejiklian.

The state recorded 170 new local Covid-19 cases up to 8pm last night. At least 42 were infectious in the community.

“That [42] is the number that we want to see come down in order for us to have that level of freedom that all of us are desperately wanting to have,” Ms Berejiklian said.

“Obviously today’s number is considerably less than yesterday, but don’t expect it won’t be back up tomorrow,” Ms Berejiklian said.

Although new Covid-19 case numbers went down, hospitalisation numbers went up, with 187 people now in hospital, 58 in the Intensive Care Unit and 24 who require ventilation.

Protestors warned

NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller warned those planning to attend another lockdown protest in Sydney tomorrow, they will be met with 1,000 officers.

“Please don’t come into Sydney to protest. If you do, you will be met by up to 1000 police who will be ready to deal with you, whether that be via the health orders or other laws,” Commissioner Fuller said.

“That force will be mobile and will be waiting to you, you have been given plenty of warnings. The strike force from last week is locked up over 60 individuals and issued over 200 infringements and that will continue so if you turn up, you can expect the same sense of force,” he said.

Premier Berejiklian and NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard reinforced the warning, with Minister Hazzard calling the Delta strain a protestor’s “deadly weapon.”

“You have to be crackers to go to that demonstration tomorrow because there will be a lot of people potentially [with] a deadly weapon, Delta,” said Mr Hazzard.

“Forget about the rest of us, but you could be taking the disease home . . . do not give those you love most, a death sentence,” Ms Berejiklian said.

Covid-19 patients presenting dead

Minister Hazzard revealed some Sydney families are attending hospital with family members who are already deceased.

He urged anyone diagnosed with or experience Covid-19 symptoms to immediately seek medical assistance.

“Very sadly, we are seeing more families coming in with a family member who is presenting not alive but dead,” Mr Hazzard said.

“That is a terrible situation. We are hearing some families, particularly in south-west Sydney and Western Sydney, are staying at home when they have symptoms and not coming out and getting tested,” he said.

“We are here to support you and our health system is here to support you. If you have any symptoms at all, please, come and get tested. If someone is sick,¬†bring them to the hospital. Rapidly, ring ahead and bring them in. We are there to help you. Do not sit at home and worry about the fact you have done anything wrong,” said Mr Hazzard.


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