A change from the west, bringing cool air from the south, will move through the region today.

While temperatures today will reach a top of 27 in Singleton, there will be winds of 40km from the north west and tomorrow the temperature is expected to drop by 10 degrees.

Later today and into tomorrow, there is the chance of snowfall on the Barrington, scattered showers, with the possibility of thunderstorms and small hail.

From Wednesday through the rest of the week the temperatures will climb with a top temperature of 27 predicted in Singleton on Friday.

At this stage, there is a possibility of showers on Sunday.

Predicted temperatures:

  • Monday: 9-27
  • Tuesday: 8-18
  • Wednesday: 5-21
  • Thursday: 6-26
  • Friday: 10-27
  • Saturday: 11-27
  • Sunday: 9-19


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